How to configure your GridPanel mobile proxy in GoLogin

Have you just purchased a mobile proxy, or are looking to know if your proxy is going to work well with GoLogin? If so this is the post for you, we are going to cover everything you need to know about getting your proxy up and running in GoLogin as well as checking everything is working correctly!


  1. Download and install GoLogin
  2. Getting your mobile proxy details
  3. Adding your mobile proxy to GoLogin
  4. Checking your mobile proxy is functioning
  5. Conclusion

Download and install GoLogin

If you haven't already, go and fetch yourself a copy of GoLogin for your current operating system. You can do so by going to their downloads page.

Once you have downloaded GoLogin, go ahead and install it following the relevant instructions for your operating system.

Getting your mobile proxy details

Before we continue, you need to ensure that you have some mobile proxy details, if you are looking to purchase a mobile proxy, you can order one from our dashboard. Once you have gotten yourself a mobile proxy, you can find the connection details by clicking on the "Manage" button from your dashboard. This will present you with the following page containing your connection details:

GridPanel mobile proxy connection details

As you can see in the above image, we have our connection details including the mobile proxy connection string itself, and the reboot/rotate URL. Keep this to hand as we will be using it in the next step.

Also take note, that you can see information regarding your proxy including Billing, Authentication, Troubleshooting, and Data Usage.

Adding your mobile proxy to GoLogin

Next up, now that we have some mobile proxy details, let's go ahead and add them to a brand new GoLogin profile. If you have not already, open up GoLogin, and click the "Add profile" button at the top of the page which looks like the following:

GoLogin create new profile button

Fill in all the relevant information you need for your new GoLogin profile, remembering to avoid the common mistakes when configuring anti-detect browsers, but leave the proxy information tab blank for now.

To set up the proxy, navigate to the tab named "Proxy", click "Your proxy" and fill out the authentication information as well as the reboot/rotate URL in the "Change IP URL" box. You should end up with the following filled out:

GoLogin new profile with proxy information filled out

Great, so now we are ready to save our profile and check that the IP is functioning correctly!

Checking your mobile proxy is functioning

Go ahead and save your profile if you have not already, and click "Start" to open your new profile. Once it has loaded we can confirm our mobile proxy IP address by navigating to You will see your IP address just like this:

GoLogin mobile proxy IP check

We are given the following IP address which is the IP address of our mobile proxy and is a Vodafone IP. To triple-check this information we can copy that IP address and head over to and confirm that this is indeed a mobile Vodafone IP address. You will be presented with the following:

GoLogin Vodafone mobile proxy IP address check

Once you have confirmed the above, you are ready to go!


In this post, we have shown you how to get your GridPanel mobile proxy connection details and configure a brand-new profile in GoLogin. As well as confirming that you are indeed using your mobile proxy when browsing the web.

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