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web scraping API
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We handle everything you need to stay undetected scraping the web. From proxies, bypassing anti-bot mechanisms to genuine fingerprints, we have got you covered.

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Don't get blocked again, tested against

Render your web page in a real browser

We manage thousands of real devices, desktop and mobile, all running the latest version of chrome.

This gives you access to real browsers, with genuine fingerprints, there is no spoofing required. Allowing you to focus on extracting the data you need, not fighting with managing devices and browser instances at scale.

  • Latest chrome version
  • Real mobile and desktop devices
  • Real user fingerprints
  • Fast performance

Best in class proxies to avoid blocks and rate limits

Access our world class proxy pool and avoid blocks, bans and rate limits when scraping the web.

Your traffic uses the IP address of real users, hiding your bots and drastically reducing the chances of being blocked.

  • Large proxy pool
  • Mobile & Residential proxies
  • Automatic proxy rotation
  • IP Geolocation

Interact and extract data with ease

Perform any interactions you need with web pages before extracting the data you need.

Our easy to use API syntax allows you to perform actions on your web page, such as clicking and scrolling. As well as targeting what data you need to extract from specific selectors.

  • JavaScript Execution
  • CSS Selector targeting
  • Real click interactions
  • Infinite scroll compatible

Our pricing

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Β£39 /mo
Β£79 /mo
Β£179 /mo
Β£479 /mo
API credits 150,000 1,000,000 3,000,000 8,000,000
Concurrent requests 5 50 100 200
JavaScript rendering
Best in class proxies
Screenshots and Extraction Rules
Priority Email Support -
Dedicated Account Manager - -
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Developers are asking

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can email our support team.

Yes, you can cancel the renewal of you plan at any time, this can be done from within your dashboard with ease.

Every one of our plans gives you access to a specific amount of API credits per month. Every request costs a default of 5 credits, but depending on the parameters you use, this cost will vary. You can see details about what parameters cost in our documentation.

We will only charge for successful requests, e.g. those that return a 20x or 40x status code.

Absolutely, you can pass JavaScript snippets to be run with every request using our js_scenario parameter. You can see more details about that in our documentation.

If you need anything custom, please do reach out with your requirements by contacting us

If you need more credits, or concurrency, please do reach out with your requirements by contacting us

Yes, if you sign up for an account today, you will be granted with 1000 free trial credits to test our API with. This gives you access to all features at no cost, with no credit card information required.

Absolutely, you can bring your own proxy. You can see more details on how to that in our documentation.